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. The video either uses a modified Netflix client or a fake video playing back on the screen while the user pretends to control it with a remote.

Who is the shmungus, last episode of shmunguss among us we discovered jhonny shmung is somehow related to the cereal shmungings but is it possible that he is the shmunguss 7.


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With several trends that keep popping up on the platform every now and then, the. A very intimate and intense sexual act performed by two uncircumcised men. Mar 6, 2023 Shmunguss is a dating show.

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shmungus a piece of shit (to certain people this person may be a piece of shit) who has an HUMONGOUS dick guy YO DID U HEAR ABT PETE DAVIDSON guy 1 Yea.

A meme has got people questioning whether there is a category on Netflix called Shmunguss.

guy YO DID U HEAR ABT PETE DAVIDSON guy 1 Yea supposedly hes a shmungus, Arianna Granda, Kim K, and others . com2fmemes2fnetflixs-shmunguss-categoryRK2RSHCvjKjZe. channel.

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Mar 6, 2023 Yes, you read that correctly, Shmunguss.


Shmunguss is a revenge cop story.